No Use Crying Over Broken Dishes

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One of the best side-affects of becoming mad about mosaics is a sudden ability to no longer cry over broken dishes. The next time someone accidentally breaks a favorite coffee mug, a piece of heirloom china, or even that lovely cobalt blue candy dish that used to grace the coffee table, instead of being sad – as the ‘non-initiated-into-the-joys-of making-mosaics’ individual might feel, those of us who have been bit by the mosaic bug, may feel a momentary sadness – but not for long. The broken pieces call to the mosaic artist, foretelling a new beginning as part of a future mosaic work of art. The mosaic artist sees opportunity behind the calamity and salvages the usable pieces. All is not lost, hope springs eternal, and the mosaic artist knows that the broken pieces will soon live again.

Some mosaic artists even go so far as to remind their friends not to ‘throw away’ their broken dishes; chipped figurines; or even leftover tiles from home renovation projects. Breathing new life into no longer useful items is the mosaic artists calling.  

Others offer to create ‘memory pieces’ for their friends loved ones who have passed away. An urn covered in mosaic fashion with bits and pieces from the deceased persons’ life can feel more real to the survivors and offer more comfort that some machine tooled wooden container or mass produced ceramic urn.

Collecting boxes and containers filled with these busted, found, donated and salvaged bits and pieces to be held in storage for a future mosaic project – also known as collecting Tessarrae – is one of the greatest joys of the mosaic artists.  Just having multiple materials to choose from can set the creative mind of the mosaic artist off and running. We love having lots of colors, textures, and materials to choose from when we sit down to design our next work of art.

Even expensive collectors china can sometimes be found at a flea markets, thrift stores, or garage sales, selling for a fraction of its intact price because of a minor chip or crack. The mosaic artist doesn’t care about the cracks, because the dish will soon undergo a far greater state of destruction, and these ‘finds’ can add real oomph to a mosaic project.

So, the old expression that there is no use crying over spilt milk, can be altered to there is no use crying over chipped china – so long as you are a mosaic artist or know someone who is.

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  1. That’s an interesting subject at all times.

    Glass broken is never as acurate as glass cut, but glass scored and then snapped / broken can be as clean as glass cut.

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