Making Mosaics as Gifts

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People really appreciate gifts that are hand made. And a unique and attractive Mosaic Work of Art can often be a treasured gift to a friend or loved one.

Here’s a simple project.

Purchase some standard 4×4 white bathroom tiles.
On the rough side (not the shiny side) draw a design of some kind with a sharpie maker. Simple center design with border works well.

Using existing vitreous glass tiles or other thin flat tessarae, begin first by laying down your border – (you can use tile mastic for this) and then cut out your pieces to lay down the central design. Use a popsicle stick to butter the pieces or lay the mastic with a light hand directly into the area where you’re going to place the pieces. Keep a moist hand towell near by and keep your hands clean so you don’t get mastic residue all over your pieces you’re going to be attaching.

Don’t put any mastic on an area until you are ready to add your piece. Best to start with the border. Then build your main central design. Then fill the background using randomly cut shapes and sizes to help the primary design pop out. Best the use a background color that varies from the primary design or border.

This technique works great if you are using opaque stained glass windows. The main thing to remember is that you are creating a Trivet – so you want it to be pretty flat on top. If you have a large piece of heavy wood, you might try pressing down onto the piece after 30 minutes or so, to try and level the pieces – but, you run the risk of having some pieces come up. Using care, try to remove any excess tile mastic from between the peices, or try to remove any that’s drying on top of the pieces – all without dislodging your work if possible.

Once you are satisfied that there’s no ugly mastic drying on your shiny tile or glass pieces, and there’s enough room between the pieces to hold some grout – set your trivet aside overnight to dry.

The next day, you can grout your piece, using colored grout if warranted. Often black grout looks good with these types of smaller pieces as the dark background makes the colors pop.

Here’s a video from eHow with Tips on Grouting

How to Grout Mosaic Tiles — powered by

With practice, you could turn out 10 of these in a week-end, each with a slightly different design and get lots of your gift giving done all at once, or start selling your work at the local craft co-op.

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